Tuesday, August 23, 2016

UConn Costs

Just leaving this here so I can find it in the future:

1996 v. 2015 (yeah, 19 years...couldn't find the data online to do an even 20).

Storrs Enrollment:
1996: 9,862 undergrads, 87% Connecticut residents
2015: 13,796 undergrads, 75% Connecticut residents

Increase of 7,000 students...4,000 more from CT and 3,000 from outside the state.

Inflation (CPI) rate from 1996 to 2015: 66%

Increase in UConn Revenue (academic side) 1996 to 2015, per student: 188%

Increase in UConn tuition and fees paid by students, 1996 to 2015, per student: 271%

So in raw numbers we are educating more students from Connecticut at UConn today than a generation ago.

Still, I'm worried about the effect of increasing spending at three times the rate of inflation and increasing tuition at four times the rate of inflation.

That leaves the upper middle class which can still pay the bills OK and it leaves working class students that can get financial assistance OK, but what is it doing the the middle class students?


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