Monday, August 22, 2016

Millbury...without the the old T&G Presses

Best job & best team I worked for was the five years at the Telegram & Gazette from 2000 to 2005.

(Although I'm pondering whether I am saying that out of some sort of Stockholm Syndrome / Dysfunctional Enablement type of way.)

The T&G long since stopped publishing in Millbury, the Globe having taken over the plant as it's "Specialty Products" printing plant. While I knew the Globe was moving it's urban (Dorchester) plant and had previously closed it's suburban plant (Billerica) as over-capacity, I had never considered the possibility Millbury would consolidate there too. Moving the Dorchester printing plant allowed the Globe to move it's offices to smaller leased space in Boston so it can sell the old Dorchester complex.

The T&G is printed at Gatehouse Media's Auburn, MA plant -- since long before Gatehouse bought them. The Norwich Bulletin is printed there too, along with a number of other small New England papers.

How sad it is to seem the empty space - when I first saw the presses they were only about 10 years old and among the most state of the art ones in New England, with the plant having a terrific reputation for efficiency. It is hard to describe how amazing it is to watch a printing plant in operation in person, the movies and T.V. shows don't do it justice.

One of the juxtapositions of the newspaper industry is while much of the content was created that day, the big rolls of paper had to be in the plant for three months before they were used in order for the humidity between all the rolls to stabilize. If you spliced in a roll that was a different moisture content it would have a different tear strength than the end of the paper roll already threaded through the press and bad things would happen!

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