Saturday, March 5, 2016


Rented a splitter from the American Rent-all up in Thompson, $97.84 and it's due back 8:30 tomorrow. (Used to be you could sneak a free day in when rental places were closed...these folks gave me a code to their fenced lot so it's due back even though they're closed :/)
Got home about 9:15am:

While it flips upright to handle logs that would be difficult to lift, it really hurts the back leaning over that way. So I only made them small enough to lift up to the splitter once it was horizontal again.

About 4:30pm I decided if I kept going I was tired enough I would probably hurt myself.

If I can move tomorrow morning, I'll go out between 7 and 8 and try to finish up before I need to head north with the splitter.

Finished up Sunday morning by going out 6:45 to 8am before I left to return it:

Only stuff left was well frozen to the ground, or needs some saw work. Probably about two or three hours to finish everything (after I get this stuff stacked).

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