Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Republican Primary 2016

I know I have a track record that sucks at political prognostication, but ever since I saw buried in plain sight that Massachusetts set a new record in Republican primary turnout up by 20% over it's previous best years I've been dying to see OH & FL results.

Any other candidate and the Republican establishment would be pissing on Hillary's political grave already with turnout numbers like these:

Ohio 2008: 1,095,917
Ohio 2012: 1,213,879
Ohio 2016: 2,038,288 -- Trump in 2nd place out-polled the previous two primary winners. (Dems turned out 1.2M; had turned out 2.2M in '08)

Florida 2008: ~1.9M
Floriada 2012: 1,949,498
Florida 2016: 2,349,795
(Dems turned out 1.6M; had turned out 1.7M in '08)

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