Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Now I have to think up a name for a truck...

The '03 Ranger is pretty well shot...I've been hesitating buying new tires to replace the three dry-rotted ones (and the used one I bought to replace the one too badly dry-rotted to hold air). Two or three weeks ago I came home from the dump and could smell that I now had a stuck front brake. Kind of annoying paying insurance every month on a four wheel drive I don't trust to drive in the snow, or more than five miles from home.

Especially when it means having to make sure I time traveling with my car around the timing on storms so I can try to get in before the driveway is impassable, or it's daylight so I can safely park at a nearby plowed-out business and walk along/across Route 6 to go get my snowblower.

Would love a Jeep...but they must have transmissions made of gold for what they go for, especially for something not terribly practical (I'd still need to get a trailer for it) and that almost no one who owns one actually uses it off roading (and I've been avoiding some favorite trails for years not trusting my old truck to make it...)

Would love a 3/4 ton...but I don't want to spend that much money either and I really don't need one yet.

But then during the Super Bowl I'm looking around and find this guy at Central Ford ... 2001 with 93,000 miles (150,000 fewer than my '03). I'm only figuring on putting about 5,000 miles a year on it so it should keep me in good shape for a while. Since my Fusion is up to 135,000 it's also nice having a reliable spare too.

Since I was already planning to work from home on Monday (another storm was forecast and it sounded like I'd have to leave by noon to get home in time to safely get up my driveway)...I just took the morning off and was the crazy fool who went to buy a car in a snowstorm:

They are doing some minor mechanical repairs they had to order parts for so it'll be Wednesday before I get it home :(

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