Tuesday, February 9, 2016

First significant snow of the winter

Friday 2/5 was the first snow of any mention to fall this year. As it was supposed to come in and dump then be gone by 2pm, I hoped to be on the low side of the 5-8" forecast...it ended up going to 8-12" :/

But despite the intensity, as expected the ride home wasn't bad but I left early to get home in time to clear the driveway in daylight:

Parked at the Stone House and walked in.

So you're telling me I need to get out my chainsaw to remove a tree from on top of my woodpile so I can stack the wood I saw on the woodpile?

About half of Brooklyn lost power -- this was basically a mid-tier ice storm due to the weight of the snow. Crews from out of state getting ready to head out from Ocean State Job Lot on Saturday. With significant number of limbs coming down for 24 hours after the snow stopped, it was Monday before all power was restored.

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