Sunday, January 10, 2016

Norman Rockwell Museum

Woke up Saturday, and still laying in bed I pondered my plans for the day (finishing the wiring in the garage)...and the notion poppped in to my head it would be a good day to go to the Norman Rockwell Museum out in Stockbridge, MA.

I was feeling pretty melancholy, was all weekend before and after. However Rockwell is at once nostalgic and inspirational.

One thing I never knew was how much time he put into revising and editing his works -- studies, photographs, sometimes re-painting the entire piece to get it right. The "Girl with a Shiner" ended up having to find a boy in Worcester with a black eye when he could find none locally.
Diarist for a blog?

I bought a print of Marriage License, which will hang above the roll top desk when I eventually bring it to my house:

They do have some other artists on display. Forgiven, by Harold von Schmidt:

They also had a display "52 Reasons to Love a Vet" by various artists:

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