Saturday, January 23, 2016

January Food, Firewood, Painting, and other stuff photo dump.

Started off with a Brisket that didn't quite fit :D

The only snow we had until today, the amount of barn cat tracks when I was leaving for work amused me.

Some baked Salmon? Yes please. Hadn't done one in a while.

Wanted to make a vegetable soup with a nice stock. Since I didn't feel like roasting a chicken, how to make stock? Was going to try chicken wings, then I saw the $5 package of thighs for $2 off...score!

If I squeeze the tractor back further and tip the can fit in the garage enough to close the door.

Hey the new bridge in Putnam to the YMCA/Tech Park is open! On the way home from Woodstock Orchards picking up apples, and headed to errands in Dayville I swung in for a look (and you can drive all the way back to the ash landfill!)

At least I did not have to chuck the wood onto the deck before stacking...lift it high and dump it!

Figuring I have 9/10ths of a cord on the deck, 1/10th inside, and another cord still down below (plus probably another not split.)

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