Monday, June 8, 2015

Three days in June...

Took Friday off.

I wanted to prime the racks on Friday, but the wind came up too soon in the morning so I kept cutting wood and finished the log pile. Five weeks since it was delivered, used more gas on Friday than I expected so let's call it 10 saw tanks worth of gas. Now I have to cleanup a spot to stack wood so I can start splitting.

Finally got the knack of putting down gravel in the driveway. The 150' or so section by the garden that got muddy in the spring I raised up about 4", though I still need to pickup the rocks on the side and make sure there is no spots where water will pond up. part of the 13 hours I put on the tractor this weekend.

So I wanted to prime the racks before Uncle John's burial on Saturday....but it ended up taking me over an hour (and a trip to Walmart for a cheap electric mixer) to mix it up. Had to use a metal bar to scrape the sludge off the can bottom up to wher the mixer could mix it up. Worked well putting the can and mixer inside the five gallon pail -- I could just let it go on it's own while I cleaned in the garage.

So Sunday morning I *finally* got the next three racks primed:

Now that's one big ass rock:

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