Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blizzard of '15...and Smoothies.

About 8am Tuesday 1/27. Had 18" by 11am.

This is pretty common for a smoothy, which I make almost every morning. Usually don't have time to take photos since I'm getting ready for work! Pat got me Nutribullet for last Christmas.

Usually drink it on the way in, along with an large ice coffee (decaf) and a plain doughnut.

Time to snowblow!

Unfortunately fifty feet from the garage the chain that drives the wells broke apart. I don't know if I didn't align everything right when I put the transmission back together or what. I did push it down the whole driveway and break out to Route 6, and push it back -- but I couldn't push it up the hill.

So I pushed out of the way and parked it. And called Dubay's who had a skeleton staff in during the blizzard and they will deliver a new Toro tomorrow :)

Ended up easily with 20". Thompson had 33", Worcester set a new record at 34.5".

Dubay's finally delivered it at 4:30. Met them at the hardware store across the street and worked my way back in -- had my car out on Route 6 by 6:30 which wasn't too bad for my driveway and 20"!

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