Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Weekend...

After what qualifies as a packed social calendar for me (Eric & Missy's on Christmas Eve, Pam's on Christmas night, Kivela Cousins @ Willimantic Brewing Co. on Friday, and Pat's on Saturday), some pics:

Finally found a home for the wine rack from April -- and first bottles of wine:

Out with the old, in with the new. Toaster Oven I think came from Allen Hill (c. 1988), no idea where the toaster came from. Both missing buttons!

20% off coupon at BB&B, half Xmas money, half my money got a new Breville:

On sale for $30 bucks off at Lowes, plus a $25 off $250 coupon (which I was at after picking up what I went into Lowes for), and half on a Xmas gift card and half my money got a new Shark vacuum.

The old vacuum came from the dump, was my first HEPA, the wand worked well but the beater brush would kick up dust. Not sure if I should be pleased or mortified when I did a quick test with the Shark over *part* of the living room and bedroom it picked up 3 pounds of dust and fur :eek:

Cabbage soup -- "soup bean" collection from Goya, Ham, Cabbage, my own onions.

It came out REALLY good! I was surprised!

Looks like next summer's vacation is re-roofing the garage:

Materials for a temporary patch on the roof rack:

Baked the steak for one hour at 140 degrees. It came out rare instead of medium rare. I think I will try 150 for 90 minutes next time -- it was close, but the interior meat wasn't quite broken down enough. Steaking from the Hunters.

Made veggies for the weak -- mashed taters and Abington Grown beets and carrots.

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