Sunday, December 14, 2014

A December picture dump...

Well aren't I fini -- liked how this new shirt/old tie combination came out:

Eric helped me move the sofa from Heidi's apartment yesterday, Sunday I did a bit of re-arranging, but I know that treadmill will be a lethal toe-stubbing hazard with how tight the passage between the love seat and it is. Dad's camping trunk will make a nice coffee table.

The deer were annoyed I interrupted their supper...

In the words of a fried, "Shabby Chic." Fashion sense enough to know I need a poinsettia, but I leave the Skil X-bench folded up next to the sofa.

The better quality pipe insulation made into some toe guards:

Ok, so it was easier to buy a print on sale at Michaels than properly fix the hole it's hiding...

Porterhouse (on sale) grilled to perfection and my first woodstove baked potato of the season:

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