Sunday, July 6, 2014

Daylillies and Garden and Stuff

Daylilllies seem a few days late this year, which doesn't surprise me with the late spring and cool June. July 5th for the first Daylilly! (I didn't even put in the A/C until July 1st).

Two bins of grass clippings from the dump this weekend:

Dug them into the east pea bed that didn't really do well this spring.
This is about as close to a "show garden" as I get :)

Had poison ivy getting into a few of the red cabbages, better safe than sorry so I tore them out when I weeded:

Work continues on building rows:

I will be harvesting zukes & yellow squash this week.

Photo Dump from last week...
One nice lunch:

Tiger lillies by the driveway!

And grilled chicken salad for lunch...

July 4th morning harvest...before the rain moved in! 1/10th of an inch over the previous three weeks, 1/4" the night before, smidge over 1.5" on the 4th!


Then I hung up herbs before going to Nadine's party:

And made a potato pizza that night:

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