Thursday, January 16, 2014

More shelving...

Built this week -- to match the perimeter shelving around the office.

Now that it is up, I can make a paper template and figure out where I want to mount a TV along that wall and put up the bracket. Then finally spring to buy a TV! Every time I read the reviews to buy a nice Samsung and the mixed reviews, the better it might be to buy a cheaper TV and figure I can upgrade to a much better one in a few years.

And clearly I need to paint! The ceilings will have to wait till after wood heating season is done so I can paint about the woodstove at the same time. I like the blue for my office, but I'm thinking something more neutral / earth tone would be good here.

Tried a different design to hold this up than the eye-bolts I used before -- a piece of metal strut(?) along the wall, with short pieces from it to hold up the shelf.

But I needed to put up false work to hold the shelf while I assembled and bolted everything together:

Super glued on a washer as a spacer:

Bolted it all together:

Unfortunately, it didn't work out as strong as I hoped and I needed to re-purpose the falsework brackets to instead help hold up the shelf in a level front-to-back position. But I'll be able to hide these behind books or brickback or something. I see a Target trip for house bling coming up.

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