Sunday, November 10, 2013


So I had a small window Sunday afternoon -- it rained overnight, so I didn't want to climb on the pile till it dried. And there was another line of showers approaching this afternoon.

Goal though was the top two logs -- the topmost you see one block still up there I cut last week. It's cantilevered so I can buck up a good part of it and still have it pinning the log below. That log is arched so it's supported on either end but raised in the middle...yuck. But more I thought of it, more I was confident I could safely handle it without chains/straps to make sure it wouldn't move unexpectedly while I was on top of the pile working it:

So I started by blocking the top log out of the way as much as I could, then from "below" the problem log I made the top cut about 2/3rds down its length and wedged it.

I then stepped above it, where I had already cut a little log up and out of the way so I'd have solid place to stand, and finished the under cut -- it rolled down perfectly where I wanted it:

I was able to get enough leverage on the part that rolled down to then flip it forward and down to the ground for bucking. I wish I had a cigar, because I love it when a plan comes together.

And not my normal view of my garden...

It was raining as I finished on the ground bucking up some pieces of logs I had rolled off the pile, but mission accomplished that I have enough wood cut to fill the time I have to split this week.

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