Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Firewood Selfies!

Hey, one of the few times I took a selfie I like:

I had climbed up on top of the pile of logs so I could start picking my way down it:

Some of my tools...I'm going to have to buy some more short wedges, which I use to make sure the logs don't pinch the bar when cutting the logs, because I keep having them drop down into the pile when I finish the cut...*sigh*

By the data center I go up to once a week is a fencing company that puts out scrap wood that is free for the taking. I've learned to stop on my way in, because if I wait till later it's gone! This was last week, Tuesday I was picked up another load this size and just after I started an elderly couple with a mini-van pulled in and snagged a van full as well (there was two big 4x4x4 bins full!)

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