Sunday, October 6, 2013

Photo Dump...

Taking advantage of a rainy day to dump some photos I haven't posted yet...

Noticed this tree just off the lawn the other day, after a bit of investigating found out it is a Butternut! Folks at Arboristsite told to me to watch for nuts this time of year, there are none on the tree which could mean its a bad year, or it is too isolated to have been pollinated. The trees have a wide range, but have become rare within that range.

Seeds to be stored for next year (some left overs, some bought on sale):

Herbs! I've been bringing some inside to dry, and covering them with cheesecloth to keep the dust off. I hope I can get this wall trimmed & painted, etc. this winter:

Also been experimenting with brewing some hard cider. Not terribly impressed with my results yet...but I suspect this is a major learning curve item. The first one I used my own yeast (from a proofing a bit from my sourdough mix), the other two I picked up some better yeast from Home Brew Emporium in West Boylston, MA:

I went googling for a crock pot recipe Saturday and found this Chicken Taco Soup recipe (which of course now I can't find the link for!), to which I also added some of my frozen garden peppers:

At Fryeburg Fair on Friday, I was talking to the owner of a greenhouse company (*sigh* I want one) and anyway she mentioned she had made some tomato sauce in the crockpot. I shared my trick of making the puree the day before and siphoning off the water. I took the frozen puree out of my freezer in the morning and I put this on about 8pm Saturday and it was on low most of that time, and done about noon Sunday when it had reduced in volume by 1/2. The herbs were ones hanging drying in my kitchen for a couple weeks. I hadn't added the onions & garlic yet which were sauteeing on the stove. I got nine half-pint jars.

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