Monday, June 17, 2013

More Gardening!

Sunday night I got photobombed by a deer...never saw her till she moved after I took the photo:

Close up -- don't know what her deal is, I also have a family of six deer that occasionally come through.

Squash on the right, taters to the left. Only a few of my summer squash mounds germinated, but that's OK...I planted them like May 1st on the theory seed is (relatively) cheap, and whatever didn't survive I'd plant again once the soil conditions were less cool and damp. Figured what did germinate would have a good heads start. The re-planted mounds germinated last week.

Put up the T and U posts for the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers.

And I got the cables up for the grape trellis this weekend, do want to put another 6' T post in the middle for better support. Now I have to start training the vines to it. Fishing line "scare wire" is up for the deer, I don't have severe deer pressure and that did well last year to protect the green beans and sunflowers.

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