Monday, November 5, 2012

Mickey Mower

Well, the Ranger blew a brake line Saturday just after I loaded it to go to the dump. Guess it's good it did it in the yard and not on the road!

Was a beautiful day and I had wanted to haul several loads of leaves from the dump to the garden...grrrr.

Since I haven't done brake lines before, and wasn't sure how much $$$ that would take, I decided to park the truck and just fix a few things on Mickey so I could use it to haul wood on Sunday (which it did nicely).

What was left of the muffler fell off Saturday. It's $225 from the cheapest discounter I could find...instead I turned the pipe upside down and put on a $40 muffler and cap from Tractor Supply.

New NAPA gold oil filter, Rotella 15w40 oil, new air filter, new gas filter, new plug. The wiring harness was hacked to heck when I bought it which made troubleshooting really tough -- so I finally installed a push button switch to start it (instead of using a wire from the battery to starter solenoid), and a toggle switch to engage the PTO for the mower.

Got to remember to grease it and check the hydro fluid in the transmission.

Pretty soon I'll have to cut the wire ties that hold up one side of the mower deck and mount the snow plow :D

Oh, and somewhere I need to sneak in the greatest Kari Byron gif ever:

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