Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Home Improvements, Oscar is not impressed.

Got the trim up on the bookshelf this weekend:

It's still only 80% done, not shown in the picture is the remaining end that I haven't decided quite how to finish it -- I can't really make it round, and didn't want a sharp square corner. But as I'm typing this, I just thought up making like three sides of an octagon -- I can cut that easy enough in the plywood shelf and the trim boards :)

I also put this up Monday, after my first setup on Sunday proved unworkable:

The shelving itself is from Home Depot -- $6 each for two sections. Meant for a garage, but nicely powder coated. Niteize S-binders from Target made for perfect hooks to hang the pots. I'll probably end up setting it up a bit higher when all is said and done.

This area will be trimmed with red oak, matching the bookshelf above, which will also go around the hearth area (you can see the backer board in the pic that will have some decorative brick or stone when all is said and done.) Also up for the winter is painting the kitchen -- already have the paint, which you can already see on the wall on the right.

Oscar, however, was less impressed then McKayla Maroney with all the doings in the house tonight.

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