Saturday, March 17, 2012


My first attempt was...ugly.

 My second attempt though:
Had a frozen dough ball (the other half of the mix from the first attempt), which I put on the counter Friday then in the fridge overnight when I didn't get to baking it Friday.

Threw some wheat bran down on the stone, the dough spread very nicely by hand (much nicer then fresh). Spaghetti sauce, Parmesano-Reggano, Mozzarela, Pepperoni, and Sweet Sausage.

I lit the grill, set it to medium, put on the stone w/ pizza, took 25 minutes:   

Guessing about $3 worth of ingredients there...compared to the cost of pizza I'll make back the cost of the stone in about 10 pizzas.

I'll need to make up some dough balls to freeze so I have a ready-made supply!

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