Monday, August 1, 2011

Garden Updates

Last Thursday's dinner...ended up going all-garden vegetarian :) After I started frying up the taters, I realized I had no meat that would cook up in the same time frame, then decided I really didn't need it. Went to visit Mom in Maine the next day,

Sunday night's harvest.

Had Monday off...spent Sunday pulling weeds (between jumping in the pond). Today was another 93º day...hour in the garden, ten minutes in the pond, short break in the house, and repeat.

Planted today for the fall garden:
Tall Telephone Peas
Knight Peas
Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans (tore up what remained of my 2nd planting of bush beans; a rabbit got in and really did a wonder on the young plants)
Several different lettuces
Pak Choi
Swiss Chard
Early Prolific Yellow Squash (42 day maturity)


Durn it, I deleted the photo of the tomatoes!

Hmmm, my Better Boy(?) Tomatoes are growing WAY taller then the U-posts holding the twine. I had to buy some wooden stakes to tie them up to today. Next year I'll need some 5' or maybe 6' T-posts to use by them.

The fierce winds when a line of Thunderstorms passed through last Tuesday didn't help -- it was swirling (not swaying) the tree tops at first...with Tornado Warnings up for our area! That contributed to bending them over, so I had to straighten them carefully today.


brendan said...

I'm not really a vegetable person (didn't think you were either for that matter), but I must say there seems like there's something inherently satisfying about self-sufficient gardening.

That said.

It looks too damn much like work!

I've barely got the motivation to keep my house livably clean, nevermind stay on top of a garden like that. Props, my friend.

Matt said...

>I'm not really a vegetable person
>(didn't think you were either for
>that matter),

Yeah, the funniest things I've ever seen in a medical office is when I have a cholesterol test and every.single.time the nurse or doctor reading it sudden stops and does a double take :)

Dustin Nelson said...

You're a big inspiration. I admire people who can grow their own food at their backyards and lawn. I'll probably take you as a big challenge and inspiration to do the same soon. More power! By the way, you might also be looking for mower parts and this might be helpful to you. Thanks. More power!