Sunday, July 17, 2011

Onions are in!

Fixins for Saturday's dinner after I got home from Old Sturbridge Village (Photo essay here.)

Oh my this needs cleaning! Glad it's a 90º day, I'd hate to get a chill while doing this...

So, I had been thinking a bird or something was "sitting" on some of my onions because they were randomly bent over.

Du'oh. That's HOW they're SUPPOSED to act when they're done. Never had them come out this well to recognize good!

Picked the yellows and reds today, the whites still haven't started flopping.

99 Days since I put them in the ground, rule of thumb I read this year is 100 days, so we were right there. I think it'll be interesting experiment next year to make some successive plantings from late March to late April and see how they do.

Later in the afternoon.

I had to give the bush beans a little support with poles and twine...I tried to keep it "loose" as I did it, just enough to prop them up off the ground.

In between the U posts, I hammered in some red oak stakes I made, from branches of trees I cut down for firewood. These just pushed back on the baling twine to push the whole row back, nothing fancy.

57 Onions curing in the garage. They'll stay here for a few days, a week for the tops to dry and the skins to harden up. I'll have to sort through them then to see which ones seem like they'll store well, and which ones I should chop up and freeze (or give away for use fresh).

Tonight's dinner -- Hot Italian Sausage from Campbell's Farm in Griswold fried up with my onions, baby zuke, and baby yellow squash.

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