Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Garden Photos

My first cauliflower ever. I squeed when I saw it.

In the basket! (To be steamed for dinner tonight)

July 4th weekend I cleaned up some by the entrance to the driveway, and moved a selection of native and hybrid daylillies down there. Over the next couple years I hope to expand this bed more, too.

Was originally forecast for 1"+ of rain on Sunday night when I planted them; we got a trace. It's been over a week since good rain and I've started irrigating the garden using a hose that diverts some of the flow from my sump pump -- just leave the open hose in place for a few hours to flood a section at a time (not enough pressure for sprinklers or soaker hose, but I'm already using the electricity so just let it have at it.)

Not enough hoses to reach these flowers though, so I'm hauling it by five gallon bucket...I like the looks of the American flag buckets.

My herbs...I'm really liking them in containers like this. I had thought about a raised bed, but now I'm thinking next year I'll get a table and just continuing to use containers for a bigger assortment. Plus with them up this high, Oscar can't pee on them :D

Potatoes, tomatoes, daylillies, squash all blend together...there must be a trick to good garden photos I haven't learned yet for situations like this!


Volunteer tomatoe in the big pile of manure...where the heck did that come from!

Summer Squash...maybe a smidge not enough sun way back here. There's more in the weeds towards the back, hopefully I can mow this weekend for mulch for them!

Chard! Hrrmmph...just remembered I wanted to taste it and then I started weeding, and watering, and photographing...and forgot to taste it!

Red lettuce is starting to wind down, but the green one is going gangbusters still!

Onions...I think a bird landed and flattened several onions in several spots. Only explanation I have, they've been squished, it's not a natural lay down.

Beans doing beans yet though. Soon.

The big squash is a Blue Hubbard, specifically planted as a trap crop. It's July 6th and I haven't seen a Squash Bug yet. Past history is I've found egg masses on 7/1 and seen adults by 7/ I'm watching patiently :)

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