Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow, snow go away

1" of 50º rain overnight melted a good foot or more of the snow pack :)

First time since mid-January I'll be able to have mail service at my house again now that the snow banks are gone so the postman can pull up to the mailbox.

Still have about 6" to 8" of snow on my front yard, but that's about the deepest other then snowbanks around. I wouldn't have tried pulling into the woodlot off of Prince Hill Road on Saturday; now I just have to wait for the ground to drain since there's only a small patch of snow left. The garden is almost visible again!

We have survived the Great Snow of '11!

Edited to add: Heh...the mail lady just stopped and dropped off all the mail instead of stuffing it in the box :)

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Rebecca Foster said...

It's snowing buckets where I am right now. Gah, I'm over it.