Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today I attacked the odds and ends (like the trunk and crotches) from Red Oak I cut last year (year before?).

Didn't bring my good camera, but here's some from the Crackberry.

I'm proud of my stump circumcision -- how even it came out even though I had to walk 360º around the stump as I cut since I didn't want to haul out the big bar.

The Fiskars is good but it ain't that good for those 20" plus crotch pieces. So those had to be cut up using the saw lengthwise...some times one noodle and you could split the rest, some pieces required a pattern of 3 x 3 noodle cuts in both directions to form 9 pieces of firewood.

It's called "noodling" when you cut like this because cutting with the grain produce "noodles" -- normally you cut across the grain which forms much, much smaller chips.


Rebecca Foster said...

is that fog?

Merry Christmas!

Matt said...

Meh, more like a poor quality camera on the Blackberry.

It was very overcast that day, so I think that contributed to the camera issue.

Merry Christmas back at ya!