Monday, June 14, 2010

Garden Updates

Insomonia sucks. I did have ~ 8 ounces of diet Mountain Dew at 2pm...that couldn't possibly be the cause?!?!? So anyway I'm doing this post at 3am.

3" of rain since Wednesday!

Got about 4 hours of work done in the yard and garden today, including a real wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am putting up of the long back side of the fence, then had to get ready to go up to my niece's birthday party...which I got to after everyone else left...then stopped at my other sister's on the way home and mooched dinner off of her.

Made a rhubarb (my garden) and strawberry (supermarket) cake to bring to the first gathering. Similar to the Blueberry Something the other day, except I did this with flour instead of Bisquick. The flour didn't raise quite as much as I would've liked, and it browned much faster -- had to put Reynolds Wrap on top to keep it from burning!

Trimmed the deadwood, and some living, from the raspberry bushes. Hmmmmm...I think there's raspberry bread in my future sometime in July...

Need to hand weed around the Asparagus and Rhubarb. And manure. And mulch...

Blueberry bushes and some daylillies. Needed to hand trim around the blueberries, fertilize them with the Miracid (one of my few non-organic concessions), shovel a good amount of manure on them, and haul in a thick mulch of leaves from the woods. Ah...gardening...

The back of the fence is up, good enough for this year. And the Tall Telephone peas are coming in really thick. I need to get some twine in there and tie them back for better support!

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