Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beautiful Day!

More like a beautiful week in September then June!

Spent a good four hours putzing on the yard and garden, starting to catch up just a little on the yard work. If I can keep up this pace, it may actually look decent by Sunday (and I have a good forecast through then!).

Made a couple more ~ 30' rows in the lawn.

Jacob's Cattle: 30' row

Early Prolific Straightneck, 42 days. July 27th. $1.63 for two packets @ Ocean State Job Lot.

Tomorrow I'll plant the last of the Soldier beans.

Mixed a strong Crown & Coke (err...diet decaf Pepsi since it was on sale for $1 for 2 liter bottles...), think I'll have another while I wait for the season finale of Glee to download :) Had insomnia last night so I'd like to sleep soundly tonight.

Cool cold frame design for me to build this fall:


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