Sunday, May 9, 2010

Some garden expenses

Cleaning up the office, found some receipts:

Fence Project:

Tractor Supply, cable ferrules, crimping tools: $77.23

4/5/10 Putnam Farmer's Co-Op, onions & garlic: $4.00


Rebecca Foster said...

I threw away my crimper in 1999. You could have had mine for much less. HA.

$4.00 for onions and garlic? Aye me! I am so going to experience extreme sticker shock again when I return to America.

Matt said...

I'm afraid to know what your "crimper" was.

That $4 is close to 100 onion sets and 30 garlic cloves planted :)

Growing beautifully, hoping the deer don't damage them (still haven't finished the fence all the way).