Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kittery Trading Post

Took an unplanned Sunday drive on a Saturday today up to Maine.

Kittery Trading Post, specifically. Wanted to fondle the guns. Although afterwards I did take the coastal roads up through York and to Kennebunkport. I wonder if the Secret Service tracks folks who leave KTP and go to Kennebunkport?

KTP keeps about 1,000 new and used guns on the main floor for anyone to handle, plus a large number more behind the counters and handguns in the cases:

Pic shamelessly copied from here which has more photos of the store. My cellphone camera wouldn't have done justice, and I didn't want to be the geek lugging my bigger camera in the store :)

First gun I drooled over was a Remington 870 20 Gauge slug gun with a 18-1/2" barrel and synthetic stock. That did it. That will be my next firearms purchase (considering I only have a .22 bought about 25 years ago, I don't buy them often :) ).

Except the one I handled had a much simpler non-magnifying "Red Dot" sight...definitely what I want for a quick shot.

The other gun I drooled over has no practical application in New England except it would absolutely drive tacks on the firing range...a Sako 85 (made in Finland!) stainless steel with synthetic stock in 7mm Remington Magnum, like this:

The bolt defined "silky smooth" ... it's almost scary that metal can slide over metal as smoothly as it does. I didn't ask for a dry fire adapter...I didn't want to know how smooth the trigger is. It was priced around $750, and the worse thing is with a rifle of this quality I'd need to spend about that much again for a scope that matches it's capabilities.


Rebecca Foster said...

I thought this said Kitty Trading Post, and I was like, why does anyone want a place to trade cats?

ahahaha! China is melting my brain.

My verification word is 'semin' btw. Nice.

Matt said...

If it's not melting it, it's at least sending it into the gutter, girl. Kittys and semin?