Sunday, June 7, 2009

Garden Update

-- Planted some pole beans last weekend to replace the deer eaten peas.
-- Planted some yellow squash & zuccinis last weekend.

This weekend:

-- Hilled potatoes
-- Planted green (bush) beans
-- Planted cucumbers
-- Planted a six pack of Celebrity tomatoes + Cauliflower I bought at the co-op.
-- My transplants are looking pretty peaked after I tried to harden them last week, I'm gonna try and get them in this week which looks like a lot of overcast/showery days.
-- Beans & Squash from last week are up. Spritzed the beans and cauliflower with deer & rabbit repellent.

Still behind were I should be, but hopefully by this coming weekend corn and the rest will be in. Should've rototilled...shoveling to open up planting rows is sucking up too much time. I forgot to take pics for the blog :(

Started seeing Red Lily Beetle larvae on the tiger lillies, so they got spritzed with Sevin liquid.

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