Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Woodcutting

A special post just for Rebecca since she gets a chuckle out of my wood.

Cutting up a couple swamp maples (probably Silver Maple or a Red Maple / Silver Maple hybrid) near my house. Trying to get them done before the thaw sets in in earnest this weekend! That's a solid 1/4 cord in the bed. Might be the last I need to split this year, depending how mild March and early April is I may have enough wood to make it through the rest of the year now.

Makes clean up of the rest of the trees still on the ground pretty quick since I can just haul the whole logs over to the woodpile and leave them there to split later.

Notice...there's snow on the ground again. Had 9" on Monday, mostly between midnight and dawn.

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Rebecca Foster said...

Haha! Nice double entendre there. Two more posts about firewood? I think you need a blog name change... :D