Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Woodcutting

Just in the nick of time to avoid a post-less month!

Cut about 3/8ths of a cord of wood up on the Prince Hill Road side of my property -- most cleaning up oddly shaped trees to encourage the better shapes ones.

One small ash, and a few smaller red oaks (I believe -- I really need to learn better how to identify trees, I'm really embarrased since I thought I knew them better).

Biggest red oak was maybe 12" diameter breast height, if I didn't run out of daylight I would've easily made it to half a cord of wood.

Here's my truck with the first load, about 1/4 cord, in it.


Rebecca Foster said...

I like how both your posts this year are about cutting firewood. Are you secretly a lumberjack?

Red is my favorite color.

Matt said...

Well, t'ain't much gardening that can be done this time of year :)