Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Recipe Notes...

Grille High 2 minutes / side, then medium heat 7 minutes.

Grille High 7 minutes, flip, 5 minutes.
Even Better: Medium 8 minutes, flip, 8 minutes = medium rare :)

Heat grill to high, lower to medium. Meat on for 5 minutes, flip, 8 minutes = medium rare.

Top Round Steak:
Marinate with lemon & vinegar 8 to 24 hours.
Grill on medium 10 minutes, flip, 8 minutes.
Chicken breasts / tenderloins:
Medium heat, 5 minutes, flip, 5 minutes
Chicken legs:
Medium heat, 30 minutes, flip every 10 minutes.

Pork Chops (marinated):
Pre-heat high
1 minute high
1 minute high
3 minutes medium
4 minutes low

Salmon Filets
Grilled: Defrost 8 hours (or nuke ~2 minutes)
Coat grill with oil
High on non-skin side for 2 minutes
High on skin side for 4 minutes.
Slide spatula between skin and meat, carefully remove flesh.

Coat non-skin side with Mayonaise, then sprinkle on Panko bread crumbs & paprika. Put in small baking dish
1/2 lemon cut up into 1/8ths, couple on top, couple on side.
12-15 minutes @ 425 in the toaster oven, until flakes easily.

Grilling foiled-wrap potatoes, onions, and beans:
Coat with oil, vinegar, herbs the potatoes and green beans/onions separately.
Place taters down first on the foil.
Then the onions & beans (so they don't burn!)
Wrap up, grill medium for 40 minutes.

Squash and other tenders...same coating, give them 20 minutes on medium.
Both will be fine to take them off and put aside after the alloted time while you grill steaks.

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