Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grow An Extra Row

As of today, I've harvested 91# + out of my garden (the 91# is what I've actually weighed!) .

Grow An Extra Row is a program for home gardeners to grow food for local food pantries.

I stopped at the large garden run at Mashmoquet Brook State Park on Tuesday and found out where I could drop off the food. Today I dropped off to the Danielson Methodist Church the above food -- 14 pounds.

Still pretty modest. My beans where heavily, um, destroyed by the rabbits. And the tomatoes I *thought* I'd have for them today ended up suffering from Blossom End Rot. As the post below says, I know I have issues with cucumbers.

Hmmm, at least four more good weeks of gardening to go and I should have more tomatoes plants that don't seem to be suffering from BER coming in. I think I can do 100# of donations this year.

Already thinking about next year to see if I can do 400# :)

Updating to add this link from today's paper:

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