Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Jeep tweaking & Eleanore memorial

Last Wednesday did a bit of tweaking -- put the bedding and clothing in a box.

My old sleeping bag took up almost as much space of the two layers of woobie + quilt now. I also have a couple flannel sheets/sleeping bag liner to try and stuff in :/

Thursday the Jeep was looking good in the afternoon when I left work. Drove in specifically to see if I liked the visibility out the back.

Saturday was Eleanore's memorial. Last of the nine Kivela siblings.

Had a brief memorial on the Simsbury Flower Bridge -- all of about ninety seconds, which was fitting for someone who asked for her obituary to read, "No more Eleanore."

Afterwards it was Salami grinders, pizza, and Bailey's Irish Cream at Eleanore's favorite restaurant...and the cousins played pool.

If some relative years from now stumbles upon my files...Donald, Matt, John, Jack, Ed, Kiya, Liz, Jeremy, and Dan.

And my mom cleaned up the table after one of our games :)

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