Friday, March 10, 2023

MAPP Gas Dilemas...

While I don't use it too often, I've always really liked MAPP gas for losening things up on cars...

Was looking at getting a small torch to keep in the Jeep and realized MAPP was discontinued in 2008 in North America (the only plant closed).

There seems to be some wide discrepancies in the reported flame temps, but these numbers seem to be the rough consensus:

Propane + Air = 2250°
MAPP + Air = 3670°
Propane + Oxygen = 4600°
MAPP + Oxygen = 5300°
Acetylene + Oxygen = 5720°

Looks like a propane & oxygen kit may be in my future, since a small OxyAcetylene set up is much more expensive and I still don't fully trust myself with that much power (I've only cut a couple things with it in the past, under direct supervision :) )

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