Monday, December 19, 2022

Home Computer Rebuild...

Been doing a lot of upgrades to the home system.

For a bit of data, comparing my NVMe "boot" drive, SSD "working" drive, and the now software-mirrored HDD "storage" drives.

NVMe: 1.44GB/s
SSD: 540MB/s
HDD: 125MB/s

I had no idea how much faster NVMe is. I don't know yet if the HDD and/or SSD is a bottleneck for my video editing.

I have added at NVIDIA Quadro P4000 video card, but OpenShot doesn't support it so I'm still speed limited by rendering speed.

-- Added new video card; NVDIA Quadro P4000 (bought used off Amazon)
.......GPU Memory 8 GB GDDR5
.......Memory Interface 256-bit
.......Memory Bandwidth Up to 243 GB/s
.......NVIDIA CUDA® Cores 1792
.......System Interface PCI Express 3.0 x16

-- Added new (used) 700w power supply since the new video card needed more power;

-- Added a 2nd HDD spinning drive because it was cheap ($30) and used Windows to mirror it;

-- Added SSD for my "working" drive when doing videos, hoping it would be faster than the spinning disks.

To be continued...

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