Saturday, September 3, 2022

Camp Gear Inventory

Trying to make an inventory of my camping kit...

Tonight's additions --

A mouse-proof bag; plan is to put that inside a reusable grocery bag for my food. I've had issues with mice in my Jeep and am trying to make sure food can be safe in there without having to lock it in one of big boxes that might be under other stuff.

And a folding utensil set with a spoon, strainer/cheese grater, and spatula.

Thursday addition:

I think this fills a role I've been trying to figure out -- relatively lightweight for cast iron, handles unscrew so it will pack short (and you have two length options). You can use it as a pie iron, or leave them separated as two small cast iron frying pans.

Not cooking for a family, this should work well for me if I want to use a campfire instead of the propane stove.

Got my eye on a Lodge 2 quart camp dutch oven for the trip next year, but don't really need it for the next test outing.

9/12-13 Additions:

Fire poker and LED lantern joining a few goodies I showed before:

Heading out to the Adirondacks for 3-4 days, so way more food than I actually need. But makes for variety :)

-- Rice, canned tomatoes for making dirty rice (have sausages, peppers, onion to go in cooler)
-- Clam chowder, why not
-- Peanut Butter & Jelly
-- 3 Cans Tuna
-- 2 Emergency Mountain House meals
-- Pint mason jars with pie filling (have Crescent roll dough for cooler; will try to make pies in the irons)
-- Pint mason jar with olive oil; wanted to save space & weight. Same reason I didn't bring whole cans of the pie filling. Will need to make a pie with the rest of the filling when I get home though :D
-- Truvia
-- Plastic container has drink mixes sticks, instant coffee sticks, and mayonaise packets
-- (There is hot cocoa mix in the coffee cup in the kitchen box)
-- Granola Bars
-- Oatmeal
-- Bread
-- English Muffins

For the cooler I have:
-- 6 Eggs
-- Butter
-- Italian Sweet Sausage
-- Peppers
-- Onion
-- Apples
-- 2 Yogurts
-- 2 12oz containers milk (coffee)

Photos later:
Extra Clothing for 3-4 days, fall
-- 1 Pair Jeans -- 1 Pair Sweatpants -- 2 Pocket Tees, short sleeve -- 2 Pocket Tees, long sleeve crew neck -- 2 Pairs wool socks -- 3 Pair Underwear Sweatshirt (need to get from Jeep) Job Shirt?

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