Monday, June 13, 2022

June 11, 2022 -- Wheeling for Warriors

Was asked to lead the Green Class VI Highway Stock Friendly trails.

But first...the videos!

Highlights of the day:

The blue section -- figure we spent almost 7 hours on the road, about 6 hours in motion, covered 60 miles. This 200' section took 90 minutes to get three of the four jeeps through, and the last Jeep stalled and had a no-start condition. We ended up getting Dave turned around and pointed back downhill and he rolled 1000' back to pavement to get a trailer from his club to haul him back to the campground.

This is most of the off-road Green stuff, sped up 4x:

12 Jeeps registered, four were able to move-up to more difficult blue trails, had eight Jeeps plus a tailgunner (Dave).

The better built Jeeps with us were either with friends or just looking for an easy peasy day.

Friday heading up was gorgeous. Also picked up some parts for Eric at Dubay's on my way up.

Field & Forest Campground Friday night:

Eric came with me to shotgun. Being an Eagle Scout, he can't resist setting up tents or lighting fires. I had gotten a hotel in Keene for us for the night though :D


Leaving the hotel...hmmm, I bet they're going where we are...

My group would be one of the later ones leaving...just hanging out waiting for line up:

Yep, it's the truck & trailer from the hotel :)

Letting folks air down

It's a Porcupine!

On the way back...didn't take many still photos during the trip. Couldn't even get a good "mirror" pic of the group while driving...probably since my eye actually had to watch the road and not just follow a Jeep in front of me :)

Light blue was the day. If we do it next year, I figure I'll do the first Class VI road, then cut over and do the rest counter-clockwise so if there are any repeats they'll see different roads.

This shot was AFTER most of the Jeeps had already left for the day -- the line up area is at the top of the big field

Just as I finished this, Mark St. Germain who heads this all up posted up his thank you -- which I screenshotted to show the amount of work that went in to this:

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