Sunday, February 13, 2022

The (Almost a) Blizzard of '22

Near blizzard conditions, worst during the day on Saturday? Sounds like time to test the Jeep in craptastic conditions!

When I left...
When I got home...

Approaching Allen Hill @ Route 6

Divided section of Route 6 headed towards Danielson.

Maple Street

Route 44 approaching Route 21, Putnam

Route 21 in Putnam/Thompson

Was planning to go to Eric's, got about half way there when I decided to turn around.

After going through Putnam, with the temp dropping a bit and driving into the wind, the snow was melting and freezing to the wipers in a way making me stop every ~10 minutes to clear them.

Seemed better once I turned around. Got a little warmer headed back south, but still took a lot of wiper fluid, but at least I didn't stop again once I was headed back home.

Route 6 headed back into Brooklyn...

The Day After...

It's a good day to stay in the house and cook.

Who am I kidding? With that temp I'm not going out plowing when I can work from home and temps in the 40s and 50s are forecast in a few days. Just hunkered down and didn't even put on socks for a week (laughed when I went to put socks on the following Saturday and realized they were still all folded from Sunday laundry :D )

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