Sunday, January 9, 2022

Snow finally...

When you hear something rolling down the aisle at work and it's a Christmas tree going by...

When you are shopping the day before 4-8" of snow is forecast, and you find Nirvana:

When you wake up the morning of a 4-8", and from the bedroom window you're suspicious so you pee then go open the front door...

Yeah dog, that's not 4-8"
Ended up 14" of light and fluffy. Crappy photo, but it looked gorgeous in person -- had a coyote in the woods past the swim pond.

Restocking the garage bar...gingerale was just out in case Eric needed a mixer.

Got most of the Jeep vacuumed and re-arranged. Need to work on the tools behind the seat a little more.

And got the oil changed. Sort of. Needed it desperately, didn't have the right weight or the right filter. But I threw some 5w30 in for now which is fine, and I'll do a short interval oil change. Probably good to do that anyways.

Probably try and put it in next weekend for another round --
-- Rotate tires
-- While tires are off, need to grease front u-joints, and the passenger side has one steering fitting I can't reach with the tire on ramps
-- Check the rear diff
-- Air filter
-- Probably just replace the oil filter one night after work this week, and give the oil a couple weeks before I change it.

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