Sunday, June 27, 2021

Jeep Polo tons of photos to catch up on, but we'll start with today.

Doors have been off the Jeep for like a month, just pulling it in the garage at night. Do need to put them on this week so I can take it to the car wash, mostly because I need to work on replacing the broken clips on the fenders and need to remove the mud first :D

I keep finding cool houses as I drive around. Peterson (or road before it?) and Route 244:

Boston Hollow!

I patrolled the dirt parts of Boston Hollow, Barlow Mill, Hillside, Nagy, Supina, and Axe Factory today.

So the point to Jeep Polo is to pickup litter...while never leaving the driver seat :) (Think I got out once today to get 2 cans and a nip in one spot just out of my reach.)

Oh sweet Jesus, this is cheatin'...having the doors off was making it easier as it was, but then I figured out I could hang the bucket off the mirror bracket!

Got out to check out a foundation off Axe Factory Road.

This is a little bit bigger than the "little house" foundations you normally find off in the middle of nowhere.

There was also a glass factory in Westford in the past. I'm sure like Sandwich, Massachusetts the factories located in this area that was agriculturally poor but had lots and lots of woods that could be used to fuel furnaces for glass making or iron works.

Summer Lane

...waiting for lunch where I worked let's see...33 years ago?

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