Saturday, June 20, 2020

Thursday and Saturday Jeepin' a lot of pics to catch up on but we'll start with the latest adventures :)

Thursday snagged Eric & Missy and went out in the Burrillville/Thompson area for 10 miles and 2 hours off road:

Came over the top and all three of us basically exclaimed, "Holy Fracking View!" at once!

Suppose I should clean the week worth of adventures off soon...and yes that is a stick stuck in my fender :)

Saturday was time for my annual run for Strawberries from Hatfield.

After the dump, bee-bopped up through Eastford, took Boston Hollow & Nagy Road through Ashford, think this is South Road in Stafford:

'twas a gorgeous day. I put a retractable sun shade on the Jeep to complement the top that flips back and it works awesome. High 80s pushing over 90 at time and I never had to put the top down for shade. Going through Ware.

In Hatfield (or town north of there?)...I don't know what it is about farm fields I find relaxing.

The object of my obsession.

I managed to get to Smiarowski's just as it started to rain (had driven through wet roads already but just after one shower passed)...flipped the top down before I got the berries.

The size of this turn-of-the-20th-century school house always impressed me; there had to have been many large families working the farms in the area to justify this. Looking for a good place to open the top again, too. :)

Let's see where this goes...Sunderland. Saw it in my Delorme map book and decided to check out the area.
Meh, video didn't come out the best. Probably best if you skip to about 13 minute mark :)

Well turned around and finished that trail, though I didn't explore some of the trails off it...let's check out this road a bit further north in the same area!

How bad can it be?

And while it wasn't bad at all (especially dry as things are right now), this car must've turned around not too much further up. There was only a couple places you really needed a Jeep; well plus a couple places you'd be backing up a loooooonnnnng way if you didn't have a Jeep to do the three-thirtysomething-point turn at.

Well, huh. First time (at least in a very, very long time) I've ended up in someone's backyard. No obvious way out, no one around to ask what the toll to drive through the hayfield is. Guess I'll turn around and try that other way...

Did I mention turning around on the trails? The other way, that maybe did lead to the road, was blocked by a tree.

Ok, well I'm about half way back out, let's try this trail which looks like it gets out to a road too.

You know this is the third or maybe fourth trail blocked by a tree I've hit this week. *sigh*. I am going to end up with that battery powered chain saw, aren't I?

Welp, back out to civilization!

Came in from the other side to see if there was a gate; there wasn't but the road was going to get rough and I had a good place to turn around before getting to the tree.

Video was shot on the trail on the south of this image. This last trail paralled 47, you can see the little "Y" at the north side where I came into a backyard, and the gap where the tree was ().

I just done got a knack for finding these :)

The DeLorme says it's a road. Assessor maps and some mentions in the press say it leads into Cowles land under conservation easements. Oh well, but I'm still curious to see the gate.

Coming home via Union / Kinney Hill know I haven't done the Hillside / Reed Road loop in years.

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