Thursday, June 13, 2019

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Europe v. U.S. Facts & Figures:

>4 weeks of paid holiday is the legal minimum in most European countries.

2017 Average annual wage, PPP followed by average tax burden of single worker at average wage:

US: $60,558 31.7%

Germany: $47,585 49.7%

France: $43,755 47.6%

UK: $43,732 30.9%

In the 90s I worked for a French owned company (Fortune Global 50 size). One of senior managers on my site was on rotation from France, and while we were both working late one evening he commented while the salaried staff had a lot more vacation days in France, they also worked much longer days on average than their American counterparts in the company and in the end the number of hours were similar.

2017 Average family insurance plan, unsubsidized, in the U.S.: $18,764

I can't say either the numbers or my anecdotal story paint a full picture of the nuances, but when folks state "In Europe they start at four weeks of vacation!" or decry "how expensive insurance is while the NHS is free" it's important to understand there are some really fundamental differences that need to be considered to make comparisons.

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