Tuesday, July 3, 2018

More on electric usage....

We're in one of the longest heat waves I've seen (Ok, *maybe* we'll only be very high 80s Weds-Sat...but all intents and purposes it'll be a week+ of 90 degree weather).

Monday July 2 left for work, 5517kWh on meter. Left A/C at 76.

Came home from work, 5522kWh on meter. Not bad.

Didn't check Tuesday morning, but got home and it was:
90 outside
111 in the attic
76 inside
5532 on the meter.

The 12kWh/day for the June bill was the 2nd lowest June bill I've had -- so I'm pretty sure this mini-split isn't costing me anymore than I used to spend running the sump pump o_O

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