Saturday, May 19, 2018

Electric Usage Update #2

Five lowest electric bills since 1/1/2007:

Month kWh Bill
11/17/2015 271 $60.93
06/19/2007 273 $53.81
02/18/2016 279 $69.44
05/21/2007 295 $63.56
5/18/2018 299 68.52

I figure my sump used to account for $20-30 in a typical month. Summer months had A/C, "shoulder months" like October, April, May when I might use an electric space heater in lieu of lighting the wood stove could be high some years, low others.

11/2015 and 2/2016 were low because of the drought hardly ever had my sump running, while cold enough I was burning wood.

Now my electric bills over the years have quite a bit of variability -- 664kWh/month average, but with a standard deviation of +/- 304kWh.

I'm hoping once I'm back to using the wood stove, this month's bill will be my new Fall/Winter/Spring bill. Summer being higher due to A/C usage.

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