Monday, January 1, 2018

Thru Day 92 / Happy New Years...

Although I now have an OCD conundrum that I have been filing the HouseRebuildWeb photos under Home_Garden_2017 so I either need a new folder or bifurcate how I store them on my PC vs. how I store them for the web #SysAdminProblems

Not a lot of photos as I didn't have a good weekend, but we made some progress:

Anyway, we're in the middle of the longest below 20° streak in the last century:

But I started moving some boxes back to the house...letting them warm up overnight before even considering opening them:

Well at least all the lights work in the fridge!

But dayum there was a lot of stuff to wash, and now to figure out how to put back this puzzle:

-2° last night, with wind chill warnings, and the basement just got down to 32° with no pipes frozen. I call that significant progress from past years where I would definitely be in the frozen pipe range with multiple cold days with no significant daytime temperature recovery.

Gluing down some shims so when I screw down (from the bottom) the butcher block they don't rotate.

Some sanding to finish fitting the butcher block

So, especially without tile on the floor yet, moving the stove is a bitch and even felt feet don't slide easily on this cement board. So I built a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am dolly for it. Even had a piece of left over plywood that was the exact 24" x 28" I wanted, and a furring strip cut in half so I could use some 3/4" screws.

Still needs a bit of work, maybe a couple handles I can screw to the front of the dolly as needed...then damn stove wants to slide on the plywood easier than the wheels want to line up and roll into position.

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