Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Photo Dump

Got to work one morning in early May...what an interesting sky!

I've really got a home-made pizza kick this month, usually to deal with left overs like chicken and asparagus:

Last day of the Tulips...dead-headed them on the way to work this morning so they will put energy to their bulbs and not seed:

Lazy or just practicing my tractor skills picking up containers the wind blew into the lawn?

Henry followed me home from Agway. Second most I've ever paid for a Dalmatian since three were free, Oscar was $47, and this was an I couldn't resist $35 o_O. It was a gorgeous day for a steak!

Oh Webster...

Gypsy moths everywhere. They say the fungus is doing it's thing, but takes 8 days to incubate then spreads before killing the host, so next year we should not have very many.

More Pizza!

And a couple Rhubarb Raisin Strawberry pies that came out excellent! Thankfully the Breville did a good job, since the stove Dianne gave me about 15 years ago caught fire while I was pre-heating it O_O ... had to get my hand truck and wheel the smoke-belching beast out to the driveway!

Sunday morning went for a Sunday Drive...and ended up calling 911 for primaries across the roadway in Lebanon. Homeowners *said* they still had power, which if they did something was majorly messed up.

Seen by the printer at the office...

And Bryan came back from a trade show with bling for my cube wall:

And finally, this being May 31st, Bosquet's delivered my new stove:

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