Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One of those days...

1) Why is it, of the three supermarkets I regularly go to, the one with the worst "baking supplies" (flour, sugar, etc.) selection is the one that has about eight different types of yeast.  But the two bigger markets with much more selection and better prices...have maybe one, if you can find it.

2) Discovering the container for your four pound bag of sugar holds three pounds.  *sigh*

3) That the yogurt, which I brew up 2-3 times a month, failed this week.  All setup to take it from the pot into jars for the fridge, and find it's still liquid.  I must've screwed up one of my times yesterday when warming and cooling the milk.  First time since last spring I lost a batch.

4) Dog sitting Cooper.  Cold, wet dog nose on bare foot.  Yeeeeouweeee!

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